In case you haven't notice, your monthly cable bill has been inching higher and higher for years, to where cable providers have nearly TRIPLED their monthly fees over the past decade.

Subscribers, like you, now pay over $135 every month, on average, for their cable TV, Internet, and the leasing of necessary equipment.

Now, there is something you can do about your ever increasing cable bill. PennywisecableTV has real suggestions on how to lower your cable bill, without completely giving up the services to which you have become so accustomed.

Follow our suggestions below and start saving money now. We did it and lowered our cable bill almost $700 every year!

Stop flushing your money down the drain leasing a cable modem!

Cable providers are charging you $10 or more every month to lease a modem to access the Internet. Eliminate this monthly fee by buying your own...Read More >>

How Time Warner Cable subscribers can save $140 a year per TV

Replace the cable box you're paying $11.75 every month to lease with a Roku box and the TWC TV app...Read More >>

Save money by bundling with the same operator
Significantly lower your monthly bill by bundling your cable, Internet, and phone into a triple-play package...Read More >>

How to negotiate a lower monthly cable bill
Speak with your cable provider's "Customer Retention" Department to negotiate a new lower rate...Read More >>

Stop over paying for Internet speed you don't need
The Internet speed you really need depends on your usage and applications...Read More >>

How I lowered my cable bill nearly $700 a year
How I took control over my cable bill and lowered it by nearly $700 a year, using the methods stated on this website...Read More >>
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